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Tearing down the Haven Hotel - a site of national significance - to build tower blocks of soulless apartments would destroy a valuable local amenity and turn a beauty spot for everyone into a private enclave for a select few

Let’s keep Sandbanks open.

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Why is Sandbanks Under Threat?

Despite more than 3,000 of us saying no three years ago, developers are still pushing forward with plans to strike at the heart of Sandbanks' unique character, sense of community and visitor appeal. The plan is to tear down the famous Haven hotel and replace it with huge blocks of luxury apartments.

We think the world’s second-largest natural harbour deserves better. This is a beautiful spot with a long history – we need to take action to protect its future. 

Key Objections


There’s been a hotel welcoming families on this spot for over 160 years. It’s one of the few hotels in the UK on a Blue Flag beach. It’s not just a landmark, it’s part of people’s lives. It helps boost the local economy and creates jobs for local people. And that’s what Sandbanks needs – not more empty flats. Let’s keep a hotel on the Haven site. 


The design, mass and height of the proposed development at Haven Hotel is overly dominant, insensitive and completely out of scale. Very few buildings on the Sandbanks headland are higher than four storeys and none more than five. There is nothing on Sandbanks remotely close in scale and bulk to 119 apartments. This would significantly harm the character of the surrounding area.


Whatever is built in place of the Haven hotel will come to define this place for the next 100 years – just as the Haven has done for 160 years. The iconic entrance to Poole Harbour deserves something iconic, imaginative and open to all – not these unsympathetic, dominating and monolithic blocks of flats.


More than 3,000 people have already objected to the plans. The National Trust, Natural England, The Society for Poole, Dorset CPRE, and Dorset AONB also all say no and the Environmental Agency still have concerns about flood risk that the developers have chosen to ignore. Instead of listening, the developers have simply made the application more complex and convoluted. 


No. This development is opposed by visitors from far & wide, all over the world who love this area, not just local residents. We’re trying to protect Sandbanks from becoming even more exclusive and cut off from the public. 

We’re not against developments here. But we need developments that protect and preserve Sandbanks for everyone – now and future generations – to enjoy. We need buildings that keep Sandbanks beautiful – and open to all. 

Background Information

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What Can I Do?

The most important thing you can do is to make your voice heard: raise your objections with BCP Council.

Anyone can object – not just residents. Nearly 3,000 people lodged public objections with BCP Council relating to the original application. Now the amendment has been lodged, we need to go again.

It’s easy to do: just hit the button below to stand up for Sandbanks and object to this development.  

Register your objection by:

30 April 2021

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